Anatoli Belkin

Anatoly Belkin was born in 1953 in Moscow, but studied, lives and works in Leningrad, St. Petersburg. Studied at art school by I. E. Repin institute of painting, a sculpture and architecture (1963-1970) and at I. E. Repin institute (1970-1972). Being one of the youngest representatives of nonconformist movement, participated in the majority of exhibitions of "informal" artists. His first personal exhibition took place at Dzerzhinsky Culture Club (1977).

Already since 1976 his works take part in foreign expositions of "resistant" art in New York, Sent-Luis, Washington, San Francisco, Bochum, Paris, New Jersey, Mongeron and other cities.

Belkin is a member of the St. Petersburg organization of the creative Union of artists of Russia. He is one of the most expensive modern artists of St. Petersburg. Last years he is engaged in literary activity. He is the founder and the editor of magazines " " (2000), and "Veshch.doc" (2005). The work presented by Gallery "Dressing" is painted in 1975 and consequently has not only artistic, but also a special historical value.

The state Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia
The state Russian museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
The state museum of history of St. Petersburg, Russia
Museum of Dramatic and Musical Art, St. Petersburg
Stedelik Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Institute of the East Europe, Bochum, Germany
Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA
Norton and Nensi Dodge's collection, USA
Deutschebank, the New York branch, USA
Museum of Russian art, Mongeron, France
The state gallery of Vladivostok, Russia

Personal exhibitions
1977 – Dzerzhinsky Culture Club, Leningrad, USSR
1988 – "Suomi Bank", Stockholm, Sweden
1989 – Nachamkin Gallery, New-York, USA
1990 – Leleko Art Gallery, London, UK
1991 – Leleko Art Gallery, London, UK
1991 – Le Vew Manor Gallery, Paris, France
1992 – Cesar Gallery, Gφteborg, Sweden
1996 – The state Russian museum, St. Petersburg, Russia
2004 – The state Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia

Painting by Belkin at Web-Gallery