Marc Klionsky

Born in Minsk in 1927, Marc Klionsky lived for nearly fifty years in Soviet Russia. Son of a master printer, and trained in the best of art schools, his early work reflected the tumult of the Nazi invasion and the anti-Semitism from which, even as a child, his family was forced to flee. Recognized at an early age - his diploma piece from the Leningrad Academy was reproduced in an edition of 50,000 copies - he continued to paint for a wide Russian audience for some thirty years. He became the youngest artist, whose pictures were exhibited in Tretiakovsky Gallery. The works of the master could be seen in the Europe (Rome, Florence, Berlin, Barcelona, Lausanne, London, Grandee-oriental carpet in Paris, Prague, etc.), and also in China, Israel, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Escaping with his family in 1974, first to Rome and then to New York, Klionsky expresses in his later work the freedom he found in the New World, as well as the variety of experiences, places, and lives he had encountered along the way. Combining elements of surrealism, lyricism, and the representation for which he is best known, Klionsky introduces into his work widely varied moods and techniques, producing an art of constant visual interest and change. Here he has obtained the international recognition. "ABC Production" has created about his art film "Canvas of Freedom" which was shown in 92 countries. Almost annually in "Gallery Hammer" on 57-th street take place exhibitions of his new works. On October, 2nd 2004 the presentation of the book-album "Mark Klionsky" in the same place took place, one of which authors is Ales Visel. Before other co-author of the book - John Russell, many years supervised a department of art criticism to "New York Times", has named Klionsky "one of the best portrait artists". Portraits of his brush have got National Portrait Gallery of the USA (Washington), Russian museum (St.-Petersburg), the Museum of the modern art in Lausanne (Switzerland).

Marc Klionsky is the definitive volume on one of the most revered portraitists and figurative painters of our time.

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